Letter from Qualifications Wales

Dear Parent/Carer,
You have probably heard on the news that there have been further changes to the way that Year 11 grades will be decided for GCSEs this summer because of the continuing closure of schools and the different experiences that learners have had in different schools across Wales this academic year.
Please find attached a letter from Qualifications Wales confirming these changes. The original plan of having internal and external assessments has now gone. Schools will determine pupils\’ grades based on the work they have completed throughout their courses and further work that will be undertaken in school once we re-open. While there is still much detail to be worked out, we are now clearer about what teachers and learners need to do.
Obviously, this puts renewed emphasis on the importance of all our pupils keeping up to date with their remote learning at present. Further information will follow in due course as we plan exactly how grades will be determined.
Alan Tootill

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