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Your HWB username is used to access

What does my HWB username look like?

Your HWB username is your surname, your first initial and a number. (Some usernames do nothave a number.)
A typical username will look something like this example: BloggsZ876
You will often see it written as a full email address, e.g.

What is my HWB password?

If you do not know your HWB username, any teacher or your head of year will be able to look it up for you. You can also ask an ICT Technician.
HWB passwords need to be 8 or more characters, and must include numbers, upper and lowercase letters, e.g. Pine7546

Username for school computers


You need your school username to:

  • Log in to school PCs
  • Log in to the internet on School Chromebooks and iPads

What does my school username look like?

Your username for school computers will look something like this: pc-y22.BloggsZ
The username will always start with pc-y, followed by the year you started at Penyrheol (e.g. 2022), then a .  followed by your surname and initial.
If you have a longer surname, it will be shortened to 9 characters.

What is my school password?

You choose your password yourself the first time you use it in your first ICT lesson.
If you forget your password, you can ask your ICT teacher or an ICT Technician to change it. 



What is MyMaths?

You will use the MyMaths website to complete Maths homework and classwork. ( 

Where do I get my MyMaths username?

If you don’t know your MyMaths username or password, please ask your Maths teacher. 




What is GCSEPod?

  • One website, Apple & Android app
  • Over 4,000 audio-visual Podcasts
  • Watch on mobile devices, tablets and PCs
  • Helps you with learning, homework and revision
  • Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge you need for exam success into short 3-5 minute chunks

How do I log in to GCSEPod for the first time?

  • Go to
  • Click “New to GCSEPod? Get Started”
  • Click “Student”
  • Enter your name and date of birth*
  • Enter the school name in full: Penyrheol Comprehensive School
  • Choose a username, password and the subjects you study.

*If you’re having trouble, double check that you’ve entered your correct date of birth and your full name as it appears on your school register. 

Information for parents

We’ve invested in the award winning resource GCSEPod, to help your child reach their goals! GCSEPod supports learning, homework and revision.
The GCSEPod website has a Parent Resources page with detailed information about GCSEPod and links to resources to help you support and prepare your child for their GCSE’s. Click here to visit the GCSEPod Parent Resource Page (external link). 
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