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What is History ?

History is the study of the events, people and processes that have led to and shaped the way in which we live in the modern world. 

Why is History important?

The study of History is essential if we are to understand how and why the world in which we live was formed. History teaches us the story of how we came to be the people we are to today. It educates and informs us about the journey we’ve taken as people in cultural, political and economic terms. It helps us all to understand the diversity of factors that have shaped our existence and those of our forebearers.  

The study of History is also crucial to developing skills that further enable us to form an understanding, through the acquisition of historical knowledge and its effective use. From Year 7 you will learn key historical skills that will be built upon throughout the studies you undertake in our classrooms. You will develop an awareness of chronology, by learning how societies developed through time.  

You will learn how to analyse the causes and consequences of key events and develop an understanding of how and why different views or interpretations of history can be formed. You will learn how to undertake independent research to find out for yourselves about historical events and figures. You will also learn how to express your historical knowledge and understanding through developing well-constructed arguments that display good standards of literacy and communication. 

The study of History and your development as a young historian will help you to understand current events and make you a more informed, ethical citizen of the world. 

What will your 'journey' in History look like?

The journey that you take through our curriculum is planned very carefully so that you will make steady progress. Your time in Year 7 will be spent studying the key events that shaped the Medieval world. The programme of study for Year 8 continues the chronological coverage of History by examining the Early Modern period, which is finally built upon in Year 9 by covering the period 1700-1918. This sweep of History will enable you understand how people and societies have developed and progressed over a period of several hundred years. 

Throughout each year you will develop and use your historical skills, which will be reinforced to ensure that progression takes place, continually improving your knowledge and understanding of historical events. Whilst we teach History in a way that deals with the stories of people and societies, you will also develop an understanding of the changes that have taken place through themes that are repeated, for example, changes in lifestyle, politics, religion, conflict, technological change, citizenship, equality and diversity.  


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